Keep calm and sew at home!

Hi everybody,

I think it’s time for me to invest this part of my website to give you during this particular period, ideas, tutorials, inspiration for sewing projects and be more creative than ever!

So I want to start by giving you my « good addresses », references of sewing machines and a list of equipment that you need to organize your sewing workshop at home!

Which sewing machine to buy?

I know buying a sewing machine can be expensive, but trust me it’s the best choice you can do. Don’t buy a toy, don’t buy a cheap one, if you want to start sewing and be confortable buy a good one. I choose to use computerised. They are silent and easy to use.

Since 3 years I have been using Sewing Machines Direct to buy mine. You can tell them you’re coming from me (L’atelier NW3) and ask for a discount code. The delivery is free and fast.

For my sewing workshops I bought a few PFAFF Smarter 260C. It’s a really good quality/price deal. So if your child have sewing lessons with me, he/she knows how to use it!

Otherwise I really like Janome sewing machines too. Good price, super quality and strong. Here some references :

Janome : GD8100
Janome : 230DC
Janome : RE3300

What I need to start sewing?

When you start buying all your tools for sewing, buy a good brand or go in an haberdashery. For example a bad thread will put some dust in your sewing machine and risk to damage it. You can order a lot of things on websites and Amazon.

Here what I’m using :

  • Tailor scissors (21cm) (Kai or Fiskars)
  • Embroidery scissors (13cm) (Kai or Fiskars)
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Pins & cushion
  • Sewing clips
  • Threads
  • Bobbins
  • Textile pen with sharpener (Prym)
  • Measuring ruler
  • Seam ripper
  • Safety pins
  • Machine neddles
  • Iron

Where to buy my fabric?